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By | June 26, 2023

adventure travel agency jaisalmerI’d describe the first portion of the river journey to be probably be the most challenging part as this is where most of the rapids are. I was busily taking lot’s of pictures of everyone kayaking as well as the gorgeous scenery when all of a sudden I looked up and realized I had already approached Snake Rapids and somehow got pulled into an eddy in the river which caused my kayak to veer wildly into the rapids, headed straight for the rocks where it got travel adventures anz lodged and stuck! After only a few short panicky moments with nobody left to help, I managed to get my kayak up off the rocks then quickly paddled my way through the rest of the rapids to get caught back up with the rest of the group again. Shortly thereafter, we reached Blue Point Bridge and after picking up our lost kayaker, we pulled our kayaks over to the shore for a short rest break at the picnic area where snacks and beverages were provided.adventure travel agent

Take the Highland Scenic Trail road and the word scenic does not do this road justice. You will be traveling through forty miles of mountainous terrain with winding road views you can see for miles and miles. Along the way you travel through Monogahela Forest, you can camp at summit lake, hike through a carpet of wildflowers at Falls of the Hills scenic area, visit bogs at the Cranberry Glades Botanical area, finding solitude at the end of the trail at Cranberry Wilderness Area. Health Concerns Day 5. Patara /Islands of Kekova: This morning explore the ancient ruins at Patara. Patara was founded by one of Apollo’s sons, Patarus, and was one of the most important Lycian seaports. It is particularly known for its Temple and the oracle of Apollo. This afternoon take a gullet (boat) trip to the sunken city, castle and islands at Kekova. Return to Kalkan this evening.

Enjoy full breakfast plate spreads of colorful, delectable fruits including watermelon, pineapple, papaya, melon, banana, strawberries, grapes, granadia and giant, fresh local coconuts all sprinkled delicately with cinnamon. Organic granola, teas and coffees are also an option and daily fruit smoothies and juices complete the morning venue experience. There are many restaurants around to explore and lunch is on your own. Chapy’s is a great stop-in at Dominical Beach Town for a quick healthy lunch bite to quench your vegan or vegetarian needs where you will find organic veggie wraps, sandwiches, salads and fruit smoothies to tie you over until dinner. However, nothing beats the exquisite, personal and gourmet experience you can have right at your fingertips, which makes returning back in the evening to your home-retreat, a rewarding must-do. After a long day of fun, exploring or simply relaxing, unwind and relax as Fateh and her staff pamper your taste buds with a culinary palette to die for.

There’s plenty of adventure just waiting out there.

I hiked about 1-2 miles when I noticed I kept hearing water, as in perhaps waterfalls? So I decided to venture off road and down to the creek to see what was going on and to my joy and amazement, and with the help of a local hiker, I discovered a series of beautiful, cascading waterfalls that absolutely captured my breath. It was there that I decided to spend my time taking pictures, and resting, taking in the beauty, tranquility and peacefulness of this not widely published section of the trail. Total hiking distance, I’d estimate to be about 3 miles. However, if you have more time and you’re up for a longer hike, the journey to Horton Springs is well worth it. It’s a total of 8 miles round trip and the trail is rated easy to moderate in most hiking guides.

Adapt + adjust + act = survive and thrive.

Named The River Sea by some, The Amazon river is the largest river system in the world. At some points the river exceeds 100 miles across. Over a third of all the species on Earth live in the rainforest encompassing the Amazon river, and this fact alone drives many people to visit here. Witnessing the unique wildlife that call the Amazon home is an ambition of many travelers and for good reason. You may encounter such odd animals as the Amazon River Dolphin or Black Caiman. With its sorted terrain and immense size, it’s easy to see why the Amazon river made this list. For over ten years, Fiji has been one of my favorite destinations to sell to client. Many clients expect the destination to be tropical, exotic and complete with stunning beaches; which it delivers on. However the destination exceeds most travelers expectations because of the culture and the wonderful service and friendliness of the Fijian people.


A popular short but steep walk from Namche leads to the Everest View Hotel, the last luxury hotel in the area. I mean really, it was the touristy things that attracted you to the vacation spot in the first place, wasn’t it? There’re a number of historic places and popular traveling destinations in the northern side of India. Vietnam’s east coast and central highlands are a traveler’s delight, featuring glorious beaches, lively resort towns, sleepy fishing villages and the imperial former capital of Hue.

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