Ho Chi Minh Travel Guide

People from different parts of the world fly into Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, daily. Travelers visit Ho Chi Minh for different reasons. The reasons include; Business travel, Tourism to the Saigon River, and other attractions. The city is also known for the friendly nature of the inhabitants and Vietnamese citizens in general.
Once you land at the Tan Son Nhat International Airport, you fall in love with the terrain, beauty, and fresh air. The security deployed in the airport and the streets is tight, making you feel safe regardless of being in a new country.

Why Ho Chi Minh City?

Ho Chi Minh City is the largest and most developed city in Vietnam. The city had a significant role to play in the past and in the present time too. The city is commonly referred to as Saigon and is a historical site, the core of financial and business setup.

The city is also known as the heart of the business and financial development. Its name comes from the vastness of its financial and business establishments. The city has most of the headquarters and acts as the pivot of Vietnam.

This adorable city is also referred to as Saigon. It is also known for carrying and preserving Vietnamese History. The historical richness is also notable in the establishment of museums that showcase the history of the country for hundreds of years ago. So, you may travel around to refresh with the Ho Chi Minh history.

The Museums trace back and provide evidence for the unique colonial constructions made by the French. The museums also provide evidence for the period of the dark war in Vietnam. Therefore, the city bears much significance to Vietnamese history, financial history, and progress.

Accommodation in Ho Chi Minh City

With the many hotels in Ho Chi Minh City, you can get to enjoy cheap and affordable prices. Some of the hotels you can book include; LA VELA Saigon hotel, Orchids Saigon Hotel, Cochi Zen hotel, and Win suites Saigon. Most important, it would be best if you do a prior survey of the preferred hotels before visiting the city.

You also get to enjoy delicious Vietnamese foods recipe prepared by Vietnamese chefs in the country. You can decide to start your food adventure by choosing from a variety of foods, including; com tam, ban mi, ban mi Chao, pho, hu tieu, and banh xio. Vietnamese hotels prepare Vietnamese meals that might leave you wanting more!

Hotels in Ho Chi Minh City are affordable. Thought, you have the power to choose what hotel to be accommodated in. The prices vary and are visitor friendly.

The Vietnamese Currency

You will use the Vietnamese Dong currency in Vietnam, so you might consider exchanging through the bank or the hotel. Immediately on landing, you are expected to change the currency to Vietnamese dongs to have easy money transactions and buy products.

The Vietnamese are not a very strong currency as compared to other world currencies, for example, United States Dollar. One USD is equivalent to Twenty-three thousand four hundred and twenty-eight dongs. This means you are likely to carry large amounts of cash when operating in Ho Chi Minh City and other places in Vietnam.

However, Vietnam has reliable banking services and ATM services. You do not have to walk around carrying large bundles of notes. You can use ATM cards and Debit cards for transactions and shopping. The catch is that your money will have to be withdrawn in Vietnamese Dongs and not any other currency. Book your ticket today and fly into Ho Chi Minh City.

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