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By | July 25, 2023

adventures abroad travel agencyThis was a particular joy while I was in Trinidad. Hell, I didn’t even know that Trinidad and Tobago (TnT) was a major nesting area for sea turtles, but I was really excited about it when I found out. I’ve always been an animal lover, and these graceful, mysterious giants enthrall me. TnT has really been embracing eco-tourism lately, and Le Grande Almandier – on the coast of the sleepy fishing village of Grande Riviere, one of the biggest nesting beaches in Trinidad – is stationed right next to an eco-tourism outpost that can lead you on multiple tours. The guides are amazing and genuinely care about the animals. We were able to sneak (with the guides leading us – it’s illegal and just a bad move to go by yourself at night during nesting season) onto the back-side of the beach and see multiple Leatherbacks on the sand. After a little searching, our guide found a turtle in the middle of laying her eggs and we all got to watch.

The enormous variety of goods on offer make this a shoppers’ haven where great bargains are to be had. To boot, the market features numerous semi-permanent restaurants and a great range of food stalls, with many street vendors setting up shop to take advantage of the passing trade. At sunset, the area is transformed into a roadside eatery that won’t disappoint. A wide range of some of the best Vietnamese travel adventures anz food, from the far north to the tip of the south is churned out nightly here. Artistically-presented delicious local delicacies, barbeques and fresh seafood are served by professionally attired workers. Without the frills and prices of a posh setting, food connoisseurs here can experience the 5-star quality of exotic dishes at reasonable prices. In fact, food here is a downright bargain!

For the traveller then the question is, is it safe to travel Jordan on an adventure holiday? Well yes it is. In nearly every country in the world now, including the UK, the threat of terrorism is present and attacks could occur at anytime. The likelihood of any such attack occurring while you’re on holiday is slim and by following some simple cautions you will be more than safe. Avoiding protests and political discussions with locals is an obvious rule. Avoid the larger cities and take the time to explore Jordan’s many natural wonders. There are a lot of well-run and reputable adventure holiday companies who specialise in tours of Jordan. If you want a really safe way to travel then join one of these tours. In a group with a local tour leader who knows where and what to avoid, you should be in safe hands. Some Jordan’s best features lie in the desert among the Bedouin Tribes.

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The amazing state of Arizona is known as canyon country and home to many beautiful and diverse slot canyons with sheer rock wall cliffs, deep natural pools, and breathtaking cascades and water falls. Many of these gorgeous canyons are still relatively unknown, rarely visited, and not that far off the beaten path to able to be accessed and reached in a day’s journey. In order to descend into these backcountry canyons is what “canyoneering” is all about consisting of hiking, climbing, boulder hopping, scrambling, swimming and rappelling, with rappelling being the most technical of all the canyoneering skills and also the most dangerous. Canyoneering thus becomes “technical canyoneering” when rappelling or the use of ropes are required in order to safely continue the descent and exploration of a canyon area. So if you’re looking for greater adventure and more of an outdoors challenge and the ability to further explore more of the beautiful and remote rock canyons of Arizona, then you’ll want to check out learning how to rappel where you’ll begin your venture into the exciting world of technical canyoneering!

Avoid the usual tourist ‘hot-spots’ if possible.

Each Disneyland Park has a number of ‘lands’ where you could visit in one wonderful park. In Eurodisney, these are Disney’s Major Street USA, Frontierland, Adventureland, Fantasyland and in addition Discoveryland. Each ‘land’ possesses its own set of attractions that suit properly in the provided concept. In Adventureland, which is located next to Frontierland, one could head to La Cabane des Robinsons, which in more familiar terms is the dwelling of the prominent Swiss Family Robinson. The Swiss Family Robinson’s house is always a main part of any Disneyland park therefore it is not so astonishing to see it in Eurodisney. Think of it as a large treehouse that you can climb into as well as explore. Should you have missed playing in a treehouse during your childhood years, then now is a fantastic time to do so.


You will visit the must-see places, like the 25 century old Chersonesos – a cradle of Christianity in Russia and a UNESCO Heritage Site; Livadia estate, where Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin carved up postwar Europe; the above mentioned top secrete military base Balaklava, hidden in underwater caves and tunnels as well as out-off-the-bitten-path gems, like the sacred Kachi-Kalion cave town, the secluded VIth century Chelter-Coba cave monastery with a monk in residence and many others!

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