Tips for Safe Travel in Paris

Beggars, homeless people, robbery, pickpockets and various other criminal acts have become a daily sight in the tourist center of Paris. It is rare for tourists to guess whether someone is a local, a tourist or a criminal. But the pickpockets who used to act in Paris already know which ones are locals and which ones are foreigners. This is certainly very detrimental to tourists who deliberately come to Paris to enjoy the beauty of the most romantic city in the world.

Don’t just because of a pickpocket, your intention to visit Paris will be canceled. To keep your Paris trip under control, follow these seven travel tips.

Don’t walk alone after 11pm

Paris is a city that never sleeps. But Paris is very dangerous after 11pm. If during the day pickpockets and robbers do not hesitate to disturb the peace of the tourists, especially at night when the streets are quiet.

As much as possible avoid going out after 11 pm when traveling in Paris. Try to arrive in Paris while it is still light. Especially for those of you who are going to Paris for the first time.

Avoid pushy souvenir sellers

Not a tourist place if there is no souvenir seller. Likewise with Paris which is never deserted from tourist visits. Unfortunately, there are many fake souvenir sellers that you need to be aware of.

Scams under the guise of selling souvenirs are nothing new in Paris. Usually this fake souvenir seller does not have a shop. They generally stand on the side of the road and force tourists to buy their wares which in the end ask for more money. Before that happens, avoid this kind of souvenir seller.

Avoid asking for donations

There are many ways that immigrants in Paris do to get money quickly and instantly. In addition to fake souvenir sellers, in Paris there are also many donors with a convincing appearance. They were neatly dressed, showing documents about a charity. Usually they will give a paper and tourists are asked to write their name and a nominal amount of money which in the end they will force tourists to donate a certain amount of money.

If you see people handing them a piece of paper saying it’s for a particular charity, it’s best to avoid it. This is not about being stingy, but about security because once you are caught in their trap, it will be hard to dodge. It is safer to donate to a charity whose origins are clear or to poor people we know.

Don’t look confused

The con artists and pickpockets in Paris know who are tourists and who are locals. Never look confused, even if you are confused about finding the direction of the road because indeed the street names in Paris are all similar.

Once you look confused, you will become the target of Parisian criminals. The solution to avoiding confusion is to remain calm as if nothing happened.

Don’t flaunt valuables

There’s no need to show off valuables in Paris because that’s tantamount to inviting criminals to take your stuff. Be casual and don’t need to show that you are rich and that your things are luxurious.

If you bring a camera, you should put it around your neck. If you use your cellphone to take photos, put your cellphone away immediately after you’re done taking photos. Do not put it in a place that is easily accessible to robbers. Just a little careless, your stuff can be lost in an instant.

Put the bag on the front

Generally, tourists must carry a bag when traveling. Usually a backpack is the choice of many people because it is more simple and practical to carry it compared to a carry-on bag.

In Paris it’s actually dangerous to use a back backpack because it will make it easier for pickpockets to search your bag and retrieve its contents. It’s best to place the bag in front of your body to stay awake.

Don’t be easily tempted by attractive women and men

Paris is not only romantic, but also inhabited by people who are attractive and friendly to foreigners. You should not be happy if you are approached by this kind of person because you need to be aware of them.

Many criminal groups in Paris use attractive women and men to distract you. They will try to seduce you with their words, while their accomplices will act to take your valuables. So, it’s best not to be too friendly with the people you meet on the streets of Paris.

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