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By | July 12, 2023

accessible travel adventuresFrom the turn off from the Reavis Trail 109 and now beginning our trek and journey along the spur trail, we continued to still steadily climb further and further up in elevation. With the absolutely breathtaking views of Apache Lake and Four Peaks now behind us, in front of us and off to the right we now had amazing views of Castle Dome as well as the surrounding beautiful Eastern Superstitions as we continued travel adventures anz to press on making our ascent in elevation until we reached a wide saddle that topped out our intense journey so far at 4675 feet in elevation! Wow, what an amazing journey so far! However, after taking a very short break to catch our breaths, we were ready to continue onto the next part of the adventurous journey, making the very steep and intense descent back down again, down to Reavis Creek!

However, I suffered, not with altitude sickness but tiredness. Sheer tiredness. This was most definitely the effect of altitude on my body and on summit day, we left at midnight and started our hike up the mountain. I struggled to keep my eyes open and took it in turns to keep one eye shut. When we arrived at Stella Point to have a hot cup of tea filled with sugar, I just threw myself on the ground on the soft snow and shut my eyes. It felt as though I had been there for an hour sleeping when I was woken up and told to stand up. I told my group and guides that I was fine and that they should all just go to the summit, leave me ‘here’ (at Stella Point) to sleep and pick me up on the way down. I’m quite glad that the guides from Lava Expeditions ignored my stupidity, told me to stand up and follow them, now.adventure travel academy

Continue along the west side of the island to the city of Chania, considered the most beautiful in Crete with its gorgeous old city center. After wandering through the alluring Venetian quarter and feasting at one of Chania’s excellent restaurants, be sure to try one of the many activities on offer here. Located on the sea, Chania offers a myriad of diving opportunities including adventures through coastal caves and fun snorkeling outings, perfect for beginners as well as children. For horse lovers, there are plenty of horseback rides featuring jaunts for all ages along secluded beaches and past coastal cliffs. Beyond these, there is always the option of cycling through the region. Take leisurely routes through valleys filled with fig, grape, and lemon orchards, appropriate for families with kids of every age. More challenging rides take you past Byzantine ruins, under snow-topped mountains, and through sub-tropical rainforests.

Big Bend National Park is a possibility.

Indiana Jones has always been associated with excitement hence it is not so surprising to have a ride influenced by none other than the widely known Harrison Ford film. As Adventureland caters to all sorts of adventurers, this roller coaster promises to provide only the best. Forget that you are in Europe in this part of Disneyland Paris as you board on a runaway wagon that is designed to lead you to your doom! Is any Disneyland park ever complete without the ever prominent Pirates of the Caribbean? Made more popular by the series of movies presenting Johnny Depp, Eurodisney isn’t to be left behind with this impressive ride. Experience and have a glimpse of a pirate’s life in this exceptional ride and see if a pirate’s life is to your taste and also calling.

You can also do there tracking and shivpuri Rafting.

While visiting the market, you can also drop in at the local jewelry shop for some exquisite hand made items. There are a few colonial and French ruins which can be explored as well. This town is also the entry point of Bokor National Park, the dynamic tropical rain forest with numerous unique reptile species. Rent a scooter and make your way up the mountain to the Bokor Hill Station – nothing quite beats the fun and excitement. If you enjoy thrillers, and derive pleasure in feeling eerie, a trek to the ghost town of Bokor Hill Station will truly be a unique experience. The climb through the thick jungles to reach the hill station 350 ft high will pose both physical and mental challenges. The hill station was built by the French in the 1920s but became a battleground during the Khmer Rouge regime. A visit to the remains of the Bokor Hotel Palace is sure to send a chill down your spine.


To be sure, the paths are wide, the terrain easy with hikes more like a collection of day walks rather than strenuous climbs. The money you save, having all the comforts and conveniences of home, keeping the family together under one roof and most of all, for the great new experiences yet to come. It also has many forts, monuments and religious places which is a speciality of this place.

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